Dean Moore’s writings

Yes, I can write and have solid English. A few samples, not really ordered:

Dean Moore, typing
  • My doctoral thesis in mathematics Kirillov Theory for C*(G, Ω), at this link.

                                        Dean typing an e-mail

  • I spent near three years studying Russian in college, and three weeks in Russia July 2009. Before going there and while there I read Maxim Gorki’s Twenty-six Men and a Girl, and translated the story after returning. And, Mikhail Zoshchenko’s ultra-short story Nervous People. Both at this link.
  • At least most I wrote for Wikipedia lives here.
  • Something I wrote appeared as an editorial in Boulder, Colorado’s Sunday Daily Camera; see the link, here. Hand-transcribed this from the original, which I still have.
  • A lab report I once did in a CU chemistry class, as a Word document , and in html – Some of the formatting came out strange when I converted this to HTML; the original Word document is best.
  • What Oregon is really like. The original link has vanished, so re-posted, under my site. A satirical article, I wrote it when in CU’s mathematics department (hence the e-mail on the article, no longer valid), and used to read an Internet newsgroup titled alt.culture.oregon. I wrote it in response to questions out-of-staters would post, “What is Oregon like?” It was later re-printed in an underground Portland “zine” named Cheese. I still have a copy stashed.


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