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A photo of a flamingo, hiding its head

Brief bio

Current projects—kind of dated

I have solid English and can write quite well; see this link.

A few translations, from Russian.

                                                                                                                              A flamingo, hiding its head


Photos, blogs under this site:

Photos from Colleen and Dean’s wedding. Was in 2002, so all were taken on old–fashioned film cameras, which Dean later scanned. So, images are imperfect.

A link of a trip round the world, in 2009. 

Our trip to Maui, here. Also, here, which I own and control, not google. Mine has a few more photos.

A link, blogging a trip to Key West, 2019.

seventeen-point star, a tattoo on my left arm. No one else seemed to have one, at least as far as google was concerned. Have three others, but the USA is so tattoo-nuts, it has gone too crazy. No more tattoo photos.


My e-mail, in an image to foil e-mail harvesters:

Though I check it daily, if you’re a decent human being, will give you my real e-mail.


Pages on this site I deem nearly irrelevant:

Computer page.

Social media.

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