Second and fourth day, February 14 & 16, 2019. Round Key West, plus other keys

Day two: Roosters running wild are common, on Key West:



Probably day four: A pelican, on the waterfront. A brown pelican? Perhaps:


More pelicans:


How google rendered the same:


Day four: Another friend, perhaps a Green Iguana:

Day four: Not my best photo, from the tour bus window. The southernmost point, in the continental USA, “90 miles to Cuba.” Of course, it used to be the southernmost point, in the entire USA, until 1959, when Hawaii entered the Union:

Day four: A noted lighthouse, Key West. One link here, another here. Not my best photo:

Day four: Boats, Key West harbor. Here, and here:


Day two: While driving back, from nearby Keys, having transversed the Seven Mile Bridge. Where the old railroad ran.

Work on the old railroad. As to why, we hypothesized:

Work on old railroad

Broken track, on Pigeon Key. Another link, here:


How google rendered it, getting rid of power lines that I sliced out, in the above image:

Humans live, on that islet? Off-angle photo, not one of my best:

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