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Dean Moore current projects

I keep busy with various projects, some tech, some non-tech. A few:

  • Studying the Java programming language,

  • Studying Python programming language,

  • Still do mathematics:

    • Digesting Euclid's Elements on free time,

    • Recently digested Ian Stewart's book on Galois Theory, a field of which I knew little.

    • Pieced through Joseph Liouville's construction of a transcendental number, later typesetting, at this link.

  • I spent near three years studying Russian in college, and three weeks in Russia July 2009. Before going there and while there I read Maxim Gorki's Twenty-six Men and a Girl, and translated the story after returning, at this link. Something of an exercise in two languages.

  • Another short story I translated from Russian, Mikhail Zoshchenko's ultra-short story Nervous People, at this link.

Java programming language, including fixing an applet I wrote..

July 26, 2012. A seventeen-point star.

Euclid teaches geometry.

Python programming language.

Mathematical field of topology: a Möbius strip.

Still slowly reading Arthur Golding's 1567
translation of Ovid's Metamorphoses – slow
going, archaic language. Great mythology!

Here Daphne chased by Apollo metamorphoses
into a bay laurel tree.

Galois Theory, a tower of subgroups.

Read this guy's collected works a few ago – took over a
year, but did it.