Saint Petersburg, Russia


The original blog I set up was using B2Evolution. It has been unhappy, so transferred the entire blog to my site. Consequently, the dates at bottom are all wrong; am replicating the proper date, at top.

The first entry is a bit … boring. Photos progress one in. Frankly, re-writing it improves it. Put in a few photos, not in the original.

Saint Petersburg

July 6th, 2009

Piggy-backing on someone's wireless network. Unable to say much, but in Saint Petersburg. Fascinating place. Landed, July 4th.

At Larisa’s, a Russian woman who speaks no English. My Russian isn’t so hot, but to communicate with her, Russian is the only choice; she also studied German, but ich spreche nicht. She is on Grazhdanskaya, quite near Fontanka, a branch of the Neva.

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