Dean Moore

 At the Heian Shrine, Kyoto, Japan, August 2009, part of a
trip round the world.

 E-mail, dean at deanlm dot com — and if you're a decent human being, I'll give you my real e-mail.

 Brief biowho am I?

 My math page

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 I have solid English and can write quite well; see this link.

 Current projects

 I wrote the fun Java applet
here (game of Life), teaching myself Java from scratch.

 Above game's source code.

 Images I made in Python using SAGE open-source math package.

 A seventeen-point star, a tattoo on my left arm. No one else seemed to have one, at least as far as google was concerned.

Game of Life: Gosper's Glider Gun
creating "gliders."

Play the Java applet!

Python / SAGE animated    construction of a hypotrochoid. SAGE has one of my animated hypotrochoids on their "feature tour" here.

Python / SAGE animated construction of a Sierpinski Triangle, a version is on web site of English electronic music band Minimal States.

Calculus: a graphic illustration of the derivative, animated Python / SAGE image I made. Step-daughter Katie tells me her calculus teacher used it in class.